ZoomTAD is on. Do Not remove the battery.

You made it to our wordpress location.  Awesome!  Great Job!   I am very proud of you, you’ve come so far – I hope you continue on, don’t quit now.  We welcome you – ZoomTAD knows that you come in peace – and we want to put you in touch with our leaders.

The Official ZoomTAD URL is: http://www.zoomtad.com

People in North America Can contact us toll-free by telephone:

  • The ZoomTAD toll-free number is: 1-800-ZoomTAD
  • That translates on the keypad to: 1-800-966-6823

International Clients desiring to call our USA telephone offices:

  • ZoomTAD International Phone Number is: +1-515-ZoomTAD
  • or Numerically callers can dial ZoomTAD: +1-515-966-6823

We’ll be looking to hearing from ya’ll real soon ya hear?